Gradus Latour 2

The Gradus Latour 2 is a line of carpet tiles that is ideal for various environments from homes to businesses. The tiles are tufted loop piles that provide durable carpeting for your floors.

With a thickness of 5.5mm on each tile, expect lush cushioning that makes floors comfortable to walk on. The high standards of the construction provide users with durable carpeting that puts up with regular use.

Give your floors first-class treatment with these superior quality tiles. You can find Latour 2 carpet tiles by Gradus at UK Flooring Supplies.

Unique Floor Schemes

With the Latour 2 range, Gradus ensures that your carpeting is not just durable, but beautiful as well. The collection consists of Plains and Stripes that work alone or pair with other flooring solutions.

Gradus Lafite is an excellent choice if you want to incorporate your Latour 2 carpeting with something else. We have the carpet tiles in different shades. Wansdyke, Cheviot and Arforn are some of the tile styles from the collection. Whether you are aiming for a relaxed feel or a vibrant look, Latour 2 has something you will love.

If you have a makeover project for your living room or want to furnish a new office, Gradus Latour 2 is more than suitable. Look through the range and settle on the perfect carpet tiles for your space.

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