Cushioned Vinyl

Luxurious and Affordable Floors with Cushioned Vinyl Flooring

Cushion vinyl flooring is called resilient flooring because it offers great durability. A hard wearing material is used to cover the surface, which gives the flooring a tough exterior. This property makes cushioned vinyl flooring suitable for high traffic areas. Kitchens and bathrooms are some parts of a home where this flooring solution achieves its maximum potential. UK Flooring Supplies is your one-stop store for a varied collection of cushion vinyl floors. The cushioning on the sheet vinyl flooring reduces the rate of wear and tear, meaning you can enjoy long service without incurring ridiculous costs in maintenance.

Non-slip Cushion Vinyl Floors

Buyers have several alternatives when it comes to cushioned vinyl floors. One is the non slip flooring that prioritises safety and comfort. When some floors get wet, they can get extremely slippery, posing slip and fall hazards. The non-slip version guards against this, which is why it is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens where wet floors are a big problem.

Wood and Stone Cushion Vinyl Floors

At UK Flooring Supplies, you can also find cushion vinyl floors in wood and stone effects. Stone cushioned vinyl tiles are the appropriate solutions when you want to achieve that ceramic look without the expenses and maintenance requirements of real stone. We have a range of 11 stone effects to meet diverse decoration needs. The wood effect variety is perfect for natural looking floors. Whether you prefer dark oak, antique pine or walnut, you can find a corresponding vinyl flooring roll.

Comfortable Floors

The cushioning in these types of flooring makes walking easier regardless if you are in heels, boots or barefoot. Cushion vinyl floors also absorb noise very well, which makes them invaluable in high traffic regions. Contact UK Flooring Supplies for an extensive selection of cushioned vinyl flooring for all your domestic and commercial applications.