Domestic Carpet

If you are looking for the best flooring for the home, you should consider a domestic carpet sheet. It’s the best carpet solution, no matter the environment. Carpet sheets are tough enough to withstand most instances within a home.

More so, good quality domestic flooring won’t unravel or fray after installation. Below are some of the best carpet sheets to consider for your home.

Fairfield Supreme Creations

These carpet sheets aim to provide you with a beautiful and durable carpet that will add colour to your home. It’s usable in many areas around the house like study, hall stairs, living rooms and bedrooms.

There is also a wide array of sheets to choose from, thus ensuring that you can easily introduce colours in the home. The entire carpet range is made from 100% Lanoset Polypropylene fibres that make it easy to maintain and clean. Also, you get to receive a 10-year stain resistant warranty.

Galton Twist

Galton Twist provides you with seven sheets to choose from. Having a wide array ensures that you can find a solution that will work per room. It’s available in four- and five-meter width and its also 100% Polypropylene. It has a felt backing to you won’t need an underlay. However, laying the carpet on an underlay will improve the lifespan.

Genius Domestic Carpet

The carpet range offers nine contemporary and natural colours. It’s ideal for domestic use within all areas of the house. Its synthetic backing is available in four- and five-meter widths. To ensure that the carpet feels like silk when you walk on it, it has a super soft Eccelena yarn.

The 2-ply yarn also offers improved resilience and performance. It’s also worn and stain-resistant thus having a 7-year wear warranty from the manufacturer and a 10-year stain warranty. Cleaning the carpet is easy since you can use bleach or vacuum.

Final Take

Carpet sheets provide the best flooring for the home. They are not only comfortable and silky smooth but also resistant to stains and wear. Using a carpet sheet within your home ensures that you can pick the best colour combination and have a unique floor.