Heckmondwike has one of the top lines of fibre-bonded carpets on the market. The Broadrib range is a well-made, superior standard product that guarantees excellent service.

It gets its name from the wide rib structure that gives it a more defined texture than the Heckmondwike Supacord. The carpeting is designed for commercial use in areas with heavy traffic.

Education, retail and offices are some of the locations that benefit from the range. UK Flooring Supplies Online is a leading supplier of Heckondwike Broadrib carpet tiles.

High-grade Commercial Carpeting Solutions with Heckmondwike Broadrib

Heckmondwike Broadrib comes in 24 colours. The carpet tiles allow you to enjoy functional floors and pretty aesthetics. Its colourways cover a broad spectrum from dark to light.

Choose anything from Magenta to Pacific Blue to Graphite. Are you planning a contemporary theme for the office lobby? The product range offers more than enough options.

Besides looking beautiful, the carpet tiles have impact noise reduction. Acoustic backing makes the carpeting appropriate for heavy foot traffic.

The extra cushioning absorbs the noise and provides a comfortable walking surface.

Safety at Its Best

When choosing carpets for commercial settings, safety must be a priority. The Heckondwike Broadrib is engineered to protect your floors. The carpet tiles are anti-static, which makes them suitable for computer rooms.

Anti-fray and anti-ravel properties contribute to the lifespan of the carpet and protect users.

When carpet fibres fray or ravel, they can become tripping hazards. The longer the carpet stays intact, the safer it is. Broadrib’s sheet and tile have an A+ BREEAM rating.

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