Achieve High-grade Tile Bonding with Ardex Primers

Once you settle on the right luxury vinyl tiles for your floors, you must find the correct adhesive. Choosing the wrong primer can ruin tile installation, which costs you money and time. The adhesive market has a lot of options to choose from, and Ardex primers are some of the top ones. Ardex has an extensive collection of water based construction adhesives, epoxy primers and aggregates. You can use an Ardex primer with a wide range of luxury vinyl tiles. Primers seal water-absorbent surfaces to eliminate water loss and strengthen the bond. The adhesion strength is a crucial factor when picking a primer. Ardex boasts some of the most powerful products on the market. UK Flooring Supplies Online is the go-to online store for Ardex Primers.

Quality Sealing in Different Environments

Ardex makes multi purpose primers that you can use in various applications. From flooring-grade asphalt to concrete to metal, there is tile adhesive for specific surfaces. If you are looking to prime smooth and impervious surfaces, the P 82 is the right primer. The P2 51 is suitable for dense and porous substrates. Evaluate your flooring requirements carefully so that you can choose a primer that guarantees long service. Consider the curing time of the bonding agent as well. The primers come in various units, allowing you to get the correct measurements for your sealing needs. If you need a levelling and smoothing compound, Ardex has a selection of water-based products. Browse our catalogue to see what other tile installation solutions are available.

Get genuine Ardex epoxy floor primer to install different types of vinyl carpet tiles.

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