CFS Performance Broadloom Carpet China

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This product is available in 4m width.

Minimum orders of; Width 4m = 4 m2

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Create Warm Comfy Floors with Broadloom Carpets

When looking for a warmer and homier alternative to hardwood, vinyl or laminate flooring, broadloom is the way to go. Broadloom carpet comes in standard rolls that fit wall to wall.

One distinct characteristic of broadloom is a wide loom that gives it a luxurious feel. You can install the carpeting in various settings, including hallways, offices and public spaces.

CFS is a leading manufacturer of broadloom. It offers several ranges that are designed for different settings. CFS Performance is one of the collections that we offer at UK Flooring Supplies Online.

The carpet is suitable for light commercial applications. With the 10 colourways in this range, you can easily find a carpet that matches your decoration needs.

Well-Engineered Carpeting

Why should you consider CFS commercial broadloom carpet? The manufacturer is known for its excellent construction that delivers unrivalled performance.

When you get the CFS Performance Broadloom, expect resilient carpeting that can withstand significant punishment.

The carpet is stain resistant and is rated as fire-resistant. Therefore, it is ideal for various commercial environments like office and reception areas.

The carpet is slip-resistant, which helps reduce slip and fall accidents when walking barefoot or with footwear. Another reason it works for commercial settings is that it’s eco-friendly.

CFS creates carpeting from recycled material, which is perfect when looking to improve your building’s green credentials.

Additionally, the broadloom offers great thermal efficiency and can be used with underfloor heating. Since the carpet tiles are bleach cleanable, you don’t incur high maintenance costs.

Carpeting That Suits You

Broadloom carpet tiles provide a seamless appearance thus making your place look put together. It creates that tiled look effortlessly. You can combine broadloom with other luxury carpet tiles for the ultimate flooring solution.

Because broadloom has a uniform colour and texture, it seems to stretch endlessly, which makes a room look more spacious than it is.

Whatever your carpeting requirements, broadloom can offer excellent value. Buy the carpet from us and get free delivery for orders of over £150. We also have some of the lowest online prices.

Contact us for genuine CFS broadloom carpet options. Browse our current product collection to find the most suitable carpet tiles for you.


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