Square Edge Threshold Silver 2.7m


Price per 2.7 metre length strip

Code: Lanhs8


Made from aluminium, Lino edges have one bevelled edge and are commonly used as a divider between two rooms or in doorways, where the floor finishing changes from carpet to lino or other resilient floorcoverings. Approximate coverage for one strip (2.7 m) will be 3 average doorways or one large.

Seamless Carpet Installations with Threshold Bars

Threshold bars are suitable when you want to create a perfect transition from one section of the flooring to another. This carpet edge trim from UK Flooring Supplies Online is just what your flooring project needs for its finishing touches. We carry a wide selection of floor trims to cater to diverse requirements.

Whether you are installing LVT, carpet tiles or vinyl, you can find an appropriate door trim. The square-edged threshold bar is suitable for joining carpet to tiles. It is also perfect for door surrounds and mat wells.

The silver edge trim comes with silver as its base metal. Besides a shiny, luxurious appearance, it is durable. Therefore, it’s ideal for use with office carpet tiles, which have to withstand heavy traffic.

Create Attractive Spaces

Our carpet door strip can help cover up any gaps between tiles. You can get rid of unsightly spaces and leave your floors looking well put-together.

That harmonious transition brings out the best features of your flooring, especially when combining different types. You can use the square-edged door trim with various carpet styles.

Whether you are installing Burmatex carpet tiles or CFS vinyl flooring, the bar blends in perfectly. We have a range of other accessories that can help complete any look. Entrances and doorways are the most suitable areas to use our square edge bar.

A good carpet edge trim should be able to secure tiles to give that smooth transition look, regardless of the floor types. You can achieve this and more with the silver square-edge threshold.

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