Choosing the right flooring supplies for the education sector can be a little tricky, as you may be working from a very limited budget with a large area to cover and many different criteria to satisfy. School carpet flooring or wooden floors need to be very hard-wearing and resistant to wear and tear over time, but they also need to be attractive, comfortable and safe in order to contribute to a great learning environment.

In fact, your choice of floor may have more of an impact than you initially think in terms of the overall space you’re designing, so you may want to weigh up a few different options. Here we aim to summarise some of the main options we have available at UK Flooring Supplies Online, and explain the circumstances in which you might choose each one.

Carpet Sheet

Continuous rolls of carpet sheet are normally priced per metre squared, so if you know the exact area you need to cover it should be simple to budget for. If you want to cover a particularly large area and avoid having any obvious joins or gaps, this is often the most logical and cost-effective choice. We offer over 100 options for commercial carpet sheet alone, including CFS and Heckmondwike products, which are ideal for school flooring. Supacord carpets are particularly popular for education since they’re very durable and affordable.


Carpet Tiles

As an alternative school carpet flooring option, carpet tiles offer some different advantages making them very popular within this market. No additional underlay is required, only an appropriate adhesive to attach the hard underside of the tiles to your floor area. You can choose between square tiles and long planks to cover your space efficiently with minimum waste material, and if you need to replace any damaged tiles the rest of the floor will be unaffected. Even the packaging is convenient, as our carpet tiles are delivered in boxes that are much easier to handle and store than large rolls.

If you opt for a mixture of different coloured tiles, a great feature is that you can create different zones or pathways in your halls and classrooms, a very popular benefit for schools trying to improve their surroundings without spending any more of their budget.


Laminate Floors

Commercial laminate flooring is a much more popular choice than real wood for schools since it’s significantly more affordable for large areas like school halls. It’s very quick and simple to have installed, lasts for many years, resists scratches and is surprisingly comfortable to walk or even sit on. All these benefits make it a favourite among educators and a solid alternative to carpet. Perhaps the greatest advantage of laminate floors is that they are extremely easy to maintain and clean, since they can be mopped and wiped without special cleaning products. This is what makes laminate ideal for busy areas that are likely to get messy, especially where food stains might be a problem on carpet.

Overall, your flooring choice for a school will need to balance the budget against the required quality and functions. At UK Flooring Supplies Online, we’re confident we can help you choose the right option to provide a safe, attractive and practical learning environment. Just get in touch with us if you have any questions about our product range or service.