How To Install Safety Flooring

How To Install Safety FlooringSafety flooring represents a critical component of many different environments. It can often be seen within schools, hospitals, entrances, and play areas. Not only will this hard-wearing surface provide years of use, but it can also help to prevent slips and falls that might otherwise lead to injuries. It is therefore a good idea to take a look at how to install this type of non slip flooring as well as if there are any tricks intended to tackle challenging projects.

Subsurface Preparation

The first step is to make certain that the surface intended to be covered is free from dirt, oil, dust, and similar types of debris. If any of these materials are present, the flooring might not adhere properly. It is also wise to measure out slightly more flooring than the dimensions of the room dictate. This can help to account for slight errors; it is much more difficult to paste additional pieces in place if you have underestimated the amount required.

Capping Strips

Capping strips are often present around the circumference of the safety flooring, as these will help to prevent the material from lifting up once it has been put in place. Capping strips also prohibit water and other materials from entering into the subsurface. Capping strips should be put in place before the actual flooring process begins.

Installing Your Safety Floor

You will first need to measure the area from the top of the capping strip to the other side of the room (it is wise to use the width of the room as opposed to the length, as the installation process will be physically easier). Try to install this first sheet one width away from the edge of the wall (in other words, begin in the centre of the room).

You can then work your way out to either side. Allow approximately 25 millimetres of excess (wastage) when cutting the length of flooring. This will ensure that each strip fights tightly within the confines of the floor. On a final note, it is best to install safety flooring within environments that do not exceed 27ºC.

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