office-building-1026499_1280At UK Carpet Supplies Online, we specialise in practical and hard wearing flooring for businesses. Thanks to our decades of experience and great relationships with trusted manufacturers and suppliers, we’re always able to offer great prices for solutions that meet the needs and requirements of your business. If you’re looking for industrial strength flooring, this can seem like a tricky task at first, as there are a few factors you need to consider to find the most suitable product and complete the installation.

Firstly, consider the basic requirements of your work environment. For many businesses, durability is a key factor when it comes to flooring, and perhaps the most important consideration overall. Your floor may need to withstand a lot of traffic, not just from employees, visitors and customers walking around but also the movement of furniture, equipment and maybe even heavy machinery. Once you have considered how long you want your flooring to last, given the pressure it’s likely to be under, you can look at choosing what material you’d like to use.

We have various options in stock here, and access to even more products if you require something different. One of the most popular solutions for tough commercial floors is high grade laminate flooring, which offers several great benefits. Laminate is significantly cheaper than wood, despite looking almost identical once fitted, plus it’s a lot easier and quicker to install thanks to its light weight and clip-together design. Our commercial grade laminate is made from several strong layers fused together, giving it the overall strength and finish that make it ideal for businesses, especially if you want to maintain an attractive and professional look without compromising on durability.

Another fantastic alternative form of hard wearing commercial flooring is vinyl sheet, which is extremely versatile and offers a surprisingly attractive finish. Vinyl flooring can withstand a lot of pressure and last a long time, plus it’s available with several different options depending on your business requirements. You can opt for a cushioned product which is more comfortable to walk around on, or slip-resistant safety vinyl which is ideal for use in factories, kitchens, medical facilities or anywhere else that liquid spillages or other slips could be particularly dangerous.

We highly recommend taking a look through our full range of options to find a product that’s suitable for you, but if you’d like some additional help we’ll be more than happy to offer advice. Simply make an enquiry about a product you’re interested in, or contact us here.