F Ball F81 Styccobond Epoxy Adhesive 5kg


5kg Kit


F Ball F81 Epoxy Glue

Suitable for securing carpet and artificial grass with fibre bonded, PVC and latex backings, Vinyl with PVC foam and PVC backings and rubber with a rubber backing. The F81 adhesive is made up of 2 parts; a resin and a harden and is supplied in the correct quantities ready to mix. It is suitable for use indoors and outdoors subject to surface water. This product is also resistant to water, oil and grease when cured and for use over normal underfloor heating.

Strong and Versatile Epoxy Flooring Adhesive

F81 epoxy adhesive spreads like butter and cures in approximately 20 minutes. For an even faster result, you can use a hot air gun at around 110 degrees celsius to speed up the curing process. The bond is incredibly strong with this product so no need to worry about your tiles coming loose for a while. The surface must be clean and free from grease, wax or any other contaminant before applying F81. If you use this adhesive, make sure to let the tiles sit for a while before grouting them so that the adhesive will set properly.

The 5kg Kit will cover an approximate are of 6-10m2 (depending on trowel size).

Demonstration Video

F81 Adhesive Product Data Sheet

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