How to Effectively Remove Laminate Flooring

How to Effectively Remove Laminate FlooringThere are many distinct advantages associated with laminate flooring solutions. Not only are these extremely hard-wearing surfaces, but they have been engineered in such a manner as to offer you a kaleidoscope of design options. Whether used within a domestic or commercial environment, laminate floors are built to last.

There can nonetheless be times when a floor needs to be removed. What are some professional recommendations to keep in mind so that many of the challenges can be taken out of the equation? Let’s break this process down in order to appreciate what steps should be taken.

Manual Techniques

Most laminate floors have been installed with the help of a tongue-and-groove system. In other words, the planks will interlock with one another. If this is the case, it is normally quite simple to pry up the existing surface. Use a circular saw to cut down the middle of each plank. A mallet and chisel can then be inserted where the cut was made.

You will thereafter be able to remove each plank individually. It is best to work from the centre of the room towards its periphery. However, we need to keep in mind that this technique only works when no flooring adhesive is present. If you note that the planks are glued down, a different method should be employed.

Dealing with Adhesive

One of the ways in which you can removed glued laminate flooring is to apply a heat gun to the surface until the glue melts. The planks can then be manually lifted. The alternative option is to rent a motorised floor stripper.

This machine contains claws which are able to separate the laminate from the glue and the sub-floor. The only possible drawbacks are that these units can sometimes be expensive and that the laminate cannot be reused once it is removed in this fashion.

Whether you wish to replace an existing surface with modern non slip flooring or you simply wish to change the look of a room, knowing how to efficiently remove laminates is important. If you have additional questions, a specialist at UK Flooring Supplies Online is only a phone call away.

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