What is the Best Non Slip Flooring

What is the Best Non Slip FlooringThere are certain situations that require the presence of specialised flooring in order to reduce accidents, slips and falls. This is why a special category of solutions commonly referred to as non-slip flooring will prove to be extremely useful.

Engineered to stand up to a great deal of foot traffic and available in a wide variety of designs, this flooring is often seen within schools, hospitals and other public areas. Knowing which type to select will frequently revolve around trusted brand names and high-quality solutions.

Let’s take a look at two manufacturers that have set the bar in terms of durability and sheer aesthetics.


As this company boasts years of experience within a highly competitive industry, it should come as no great surprise that variety is one of the defining factors associated with their line of Altro flooring solutions.

From their proprietary Aquarius line to the more than 40 walkway options to select, there is no doubt that even the most demanding of requirements can be satisfied.


The line of Polyflor safety flooring options provided by our firm ensures that safety is never taken for granted. These non-slip surfaces have been engineered to meet current European Safety Flooring regulations and the sheer kaleidoscope of patterns can never be overstated.

Often employed within areas such as hospitals, restaurants and wet rooms, Polyflor aims to deliver in terms of safety. Users can select from styles and patterns which are able to seamlessly blend with an existing environment, so aesthetics have always been a top priority.

Whether you are interested in the Altro line or you wish to learn more about Polyflor non-slip solutions, you have come to the right place. UK Flooring Supplies Online is pleased to stock both of these brand names.

Please take a closer look at each individual variant in order to appreciate your options and as always, a representative is moments away if you have additional questions.

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