How To Install Wood Floors on Concrete?

How To Install Wood Floors on ConcreteWooden floors can provide a timeless sense of beauty and years of functionality within any environment. However, installation methods will vary depending upon the underlying surface. What happens in the event that such a floor will be placed atop a concrete slab?

How does the installation process take place? Let us break this question down into a handful of sections in order to provide a simple and straightforward overview.

Preliminary Steps

Before the wooden floor can be laid down, it is first important to ensure that there is not a great deal of moisture in the area (sometimes common when dealing with concrete). Even if the levels of moisture are relatively low, it is wise to install a protective layer known as a vapour retarder over the concrete.

This generally comes in the form of a polyethylene sheet which can be cut to the desired length. Make sure that all areas of the concrete are adequately covered and that no gaps are present. Of course, the plastic should only be installed after the subsurface has been cleaned.

A Plywood Base

In the majority of cases, it is best to lay down 3/4-inch plywood over the moisture barrier. This will represent the underlying anchor for the hardwood floor. Firmly screw the plywood into the concrete using a powerful drill equipped with the appropriate bit. As you progress with each piece of plywood, check to make sure that the floor is level.

Installing the Wood Floor

The final step involves laying down segments of hardwood floor over the plywood. Be sure to select high-quality flooring adhesives beforehand, as these will help to lock the finished product in place.

Modern variants can likewise offer a certain level of flexibility when dealing with the natural expansion and contraction of the floor itself. Follow the application instructions in regards to how much adhesive should be applied as well as how long the product will take to fully cure.

The good news is that installing a wooden floor over concrete is a relatively simple task if you are prepared in advance. UK Flooring Supplies Online offers up a choice of the most reliable adhesive products as well as a plethora of different types of hardwood flooring. Please take a closer look at our collection and if you have any additional questions, a representative will be happy to provide further assistance.

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