How to Remove Floor Tile Adhesive

How to Remove Floor Tile AdhesiveThose who plan on replacing vinyl floor tiles will need to take a handful of factors into account. Not only must the tiles themselves be correctly removed, but it is just as important to address any flooring adhesive that might have remained. It is essential that this substance (known as “mastic”) is dealt with properly in order to ensure that the subsequent tiles will be properly mounted. Let us look at this process in a step-by-step manner.

Initial Steps

One of the advantages when working with the majority of adhesives on the market is that they are water soluble. Most experts recommend that you lay down a series of cloths that have been soaked in warm water. A bit of detergent might sometimes help the removal process. Allow these rags to remain in place for approximately one hour.

Physical Removal

Once the rags have been removed, use a putty knife (preferably one equipped with a four- to six-inch blade). Gently scrape off the excess adhesive. However, there are some additional recommendations in order to ensure a safe and effective process:

  • Use short and controlled motions as opposed to aggressive strokes.
  • Do not press the blade too hard into the floor; it could cause damage.
  • Use both hands to control the blade and to prevent it from slipping.

Still, what if you still have trouble removing this excess mastic?

The Use of Solvents

There are certain floor tile adhesives (particularly those over 20 years old) that might be exceedingly difficult to scrape off. In this situation, it might be a good idea to purchase a solvent specifically designed for this type of glue.

Once it has been applied, wait at least an hour before beginning the process mentioned above. Work within a well-ventilated area and be sure to use a respirator. Some of the dust and fumes can cause slight irritation. Of course, never use any solvents around open flames or sparks. The majority are flammable.

Removing floor tile adhesive is generally not an overly complicated task. However, it needs to be fully completed before applying any additional vinyl. The steps mentioned above will undoubtedly come in handy.

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