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The choice of flooring is among the most basic yet the most important decisions you will have to make when renovating your home. There are many different types of flooring available, but hardwood flooring has been able to stand the test of time as the most preferred option.

To make sure you don’t make any mistakes, you should understand the different types of hardwood floorings, along with their pros and cons.

Hardwood floors come in many different types, but the most common ones are oak, walnut, hickory, maple and ash. Oak has always been noted to be the best choice as it is highly durable and is able to take stains well. For aesthetics, most experts prefer white oak to red oak.

If you are redesigning a room that has dark tones, you should consider going for walnut hardwood. The disadvantage of walnut is that it is slightly soft.

You can also go for some of the more exotic wood species available. These ones may be more expensive, but they are a lot harder and may be ideal for fancy homes. You will appreciate the fact that we offer very low prices for our hardwood floors.


When purchasing hardwood floor materials, you will have the chance to buy pre-finished flooring. The advantage of this option is that it will let you know exactly what you are getting. It also offers a lot less hassle during the installation process. You don’t need to apply colour or sealant, and that means installation will take very little time. On the other hand, finishing the material on the site will allow you to customise it.

You will also have two choices of finishing types. The first is oil, and it has been noted to be soft and natural. The problem is that it cannot take stains and damage properly. Polyurethane finishing is more resilient to wear and tear.

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